Jay Fletcher comes from Houston, Texas. He has played guitar since he was 11 years old. He started out as a teenager playing street music for fun, and eventually worked his way up to playing in bands. Once he discovered his love for composing songs, he put together his own band and at the same time began putting his own studio together as well. In the course of his career, Jay has played in numerous live bands, toured throughout Europe, played on countless studio recordings, performed hundreds of times in live television, written music for television, radio and film, as well as numerous original songs. A successful Front man and bandleader, Jay has also accompanied various artists over the years, both live and in the studio. He also has been an active guitar teacher and studio coach, helping beginners as well as experienced aspiring pros.
Here is a sample of artists and shows with which Jay has worked:
Front man and Bandleader from Thomas Gottschalks Late Night Show seen daily in RTL Television, Kentucky Bluefield, Mark n Simon, Wolf Mahhn, Joan Orleans, Hattrick, Quartetto, Otto Walkes, Bobby Kimball, Haddaway, Hoyt Axton, Peggy March, Michael Schanze and many more. He has been seen in a number of Television show, such as:
ZDF Fernsehegarten, IFA Frankfurt, Live aus den Alabamahalle, Live aus den Schlachthof, ZDF Mittagsmagazin, RTL Samstag Nacht, Alfred Bioleks Bios Bahnhof, Live Band member for the Gran Prix de Eurovision, and much more.

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