Hi. Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website.

I was born in Virginia, but my family settled in Houston, Texas when I was a youngster. I took piano lessons as a young boy, and then played saxophone in the school band from the 6th grade on. This eventually was a great help when I started playing music professionally.

I got my first guitar when I was 11. Since my parents had paid for piano lessons, and then bought me a saxophone for the school band, they were reluctant to buy me a guitar, even though I promised I would practice hard. I was not into practicing either the piano or saxophone, but this was because the music pieces I got were not something I wanted to work on. This was the mid to late 60s, and the repertoire that most kids got was not all that.. uh.. exciting.

So I had to buy my own guitar, but my parents would pay for the lessons, as long as I practiced. I found a cheap old piece of junk for 10 dollars, and that was something I could afford. My parents found me a guitar teacher, and I was lucky to have a teacher that would teach more modern guitar. The first song I learned was Song Sung Blue by Neil Diamond, and my second song was The Needle and the Damage Done by Neil Young (not easy at all for a beginner….) But.. then I was hooked. I was in my room constantly, and my family didnt see me much anymore. My parents saw that this was different from any other instrument I had played up until now, and when I was 14, they bought me an Ovation Balladeer acoustic guitar, and off I was……

I was passionate about guitar, but it was a hobby until I was 20 years old. That is when I took a vacation to Europe. I met some musicians in a hotel, sat in with them, and all of a sudden I am playing music on stage in the hotel bar. Well, to make a very long story very short, I am still here……..

Or to make a short story long….

I have had the good fortune, and pleasure, to play in a number of very good bands, and have also spent a lot of time in the studio (mainly mine) composing, playing and producing a lot of great music.

But my early days in Germany were spent playing mainly street music. I traveled for over 3 years all over Europe – with a year stretch at a hotel in the Bavarian Alps – playing in clubs and on the streets. I met a number of people in those day who are my dearest friends today.

I played with the very funny duo of Mark ‘n Simon, back then on the streets and in a band – Dont Panic – as well as the bluegrass band Kentucky Bluefield in the mid 80s. We were able to do a tour of east Germany as a “guest” of the east German government. This was, for a boy from Houston especially, an eye opening experience.

I played as a fill in musician in Munich for many local bands, and had my own psychedelic rock trio, as well as a couple of cover rock and blues bands. I was always active on the local scene, and eventually had the incredible offer to be in the very first Late Night TV show in Germany, the Thomas Gottschalk Late Night Show. This led to numerous studio and live gigs, among others, the 1992/3 Direkt Ins Blut unplugged tour with Wolf Maahn.

I then founded my own recording studio and production company with the talented Jimmy Patrick– J+J Productions – where we composed, produced and recorded numerous film and advertising projects. Eventually the computer put a lot of studios out of business, and we were sadly among those.

I now have the pleasure to play with the very talented Erin Perry in our 2 bands, The Fletcher Perry Party, (a Rockin Party band), and The Hippie Hippie Shake Tribute Band, (a tribute to the 60s era).