Jay Fletcher


This will be a stroll through a small sample of various bands, songs, and film music that I have recorded over the years. 

A few songs from the studio and our live album.

Our first studio recording “Young Girls” and two nights in Munich on a live recording soundstage.

Jay Fletcher and Jimmy Patrick

More on us later and our band Play it again, Sam.


Quartetto was a fantastic ideo of presenting classical music in a new fashion, doing string quartett arrangements of classics from Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach and more. It was the brain child of the talented Paul Vincent, who along with Mick Brehmen, Thomas Kretschmer and Frank Horvath started the band. After Frank took an extended vacation, I took over for him.

Film Music

Some years ago, I was asked to do the titel and closing songs for a full length German film by an independent fim maker near Munich. The film, “My Big Left Toe”, was never a well known film but the team was great and the experience a lot of fun.

Various Music

These are some pieces I did with Jimmy or myself, that were used in films and samplers.